I just finished A Song of Ice and Fire(Book 1 of A Game of Thrones). I was surprised at how closely the TV series follows the book. This was quite helpful since, otherwise, the myriad of kings, knights, queens, warriors, wives, whores, and maidens would have been difficult to follow. All the main characters have their own storyline with different and often opposing views and goals. Martin creates a world similar to medieval times with the addition of dragons, magic, and evil resurrected warriors who refuse to die a second time. It took great craftsmanship to create such an elaborate and complex story without boring the reader with the details. I thoroughly enjoyed the novel and look forward to book 2.

Vicious Circle by C J Box is the latest Joe Picket novel. Joe is a game warden in Wyoming who frequently teams with local law enforcement to solve serious crimes. In this novel, the murderers are coming after him, his family, his horse, and his dog. He has dealt with the Cates family in the past, and the survivors are bent on revenge. His friend, Nate Romanowski, a falconer who retired from covert operations for the government, volunteers to help and finds himself in much danger.

Turning Angel is the second Penn Cage novel by Greg Iles. Five years have passed since novelist and attorney Penn Cage returned home to Natchez in The Quiet Game. His wife died years ago, and he lives with his daughter Annie and intermittently with his lover Caitlin, who spends most of her time traveling. A high school girl is found murdered, and Penn’s lifetime friend Drew, a prominent physician, is arrested for the crime. Drew has much to hide since had an affair with the young girl and she was pregnant with his child. Crooked politicians, bad cops, and brutal drug dealers create havoc in the racially charged town and make finding justice almost impossible.

The Quiet Game is the first of the Penn Cage series by Greg Isles. Penn is a former Houston assistant district attorney and successful author whose wife has died from cancer. He returns to his hometown of Natchez, Mississippi so that his parents can help his grieving daughter Annie. He befriends Caitlan Masters, the publisher of a local newspaper, and together they work to solve the murder of a black civil right’s worker that occurred back in the sixties. Officials high in the government locally and nationally do not want the case solved, and soon people are trying to kill Penn as well as anyone who might know what really happened. There are multiple side plots involving Penn’s ex-girlfriend, her father who hates him, Penn’s physician father who is being blackmailed by a murderer, and FBI agents with secrets they are afraid to tell.

Don’t Be Cruel by Barbara Portman


Don’t be Cruel by Barbara Vortmann relates the adventures of Melanie, a teenage girl who runs away from home. She takes the bus to Memphis where she hopes to form a band and to become a star. Flat broke and …


The Last Mrs. Parrish


The Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine is the story of two women and one man. Daphne marries a wonderful wealthy man who turns out to be a monster who abuses her. Amber pretends to be her friend as she …


The Lying Game by Ruth Ware


Ruth Ware creates another exciting novel in The Lying Game. It involves four women who had been forced to leave an English boarding school years ago following the disappearance of the school’s art instructor who was the father of one …


The Midnight Line by Lee Child


The Midnight Line is Lee Child’s latest thriller. Jack Reacher, ex-military police drifter, finds a woman’s West Point ring in a pawn shop. He assumes the woman has fallen on hard times and begins a quest to find her. What …


The Break Down by B A Paris


In The Break Down, B A Paris creates a psychological thriller about a woman who fears she has become insane. Fear and panic dominate her life as she tries to convince her husband and friends that she is not impaired. …


Breaking Point by C J Box


Breaking Point is C J Box’s thirteenth novel featuring Joe Picket. Joe is a game warden in Wyoming who tends to find trouble in every chapter. This book deals with abuse by bureaucrats in government agencies to punish people with …