Cromartie Reunion 2019

The 2019 reunion will be held the weekend of May 4-5th, 2019. In previous years, we have scheduled the reunion in October. Unfortunately, two of the last 3 years we were forced to cancel the reunion due to tropical weather.

Dinner Saturday evening May 4th will be at Little Pond Caterers.

Their address is: 2010 Princess Place Drive Wilmington NC 28405

Time: 6-9 PM

RSVP Instructions: Please RSVP for Saturday’s dinner by emailing Len Clarke –

Annual meeting at South River Presbyterian Church in Bladen County with a catered lunch on Sunday May 5th:

The church address is: 1899 NC 210 Highway East Harrells, NC. 28444

Guest Speaker: Our guest speaker (and piper) for Sunday is Bill Caudill (Director, The Scottish Heritage Center and Instructor, St. Andrews University Pipe Band).

Program:  Bill Caudill will present an Educational program on the Scottish Heritage Center.

Registration opens at 10:15 am. Our program starts at 11 AM.

RSVP Instructions: Please RSVP for Sunday’s attendance and meals by calling Ann Butler at 910-617-0199.

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Stephen Hopkins

Stephen Hopkins, Ruhamah Doane’s ancestor who came to Jamestown in 1610 and emigrated to Massachusetts on the Mayflower in 1620, lived a fascinating life. His biography, Here Shall I Die Ashore, was published in 2003 by Xlibris. Mayflower Families Through Five Generations Vol Six chronicles his descendants. It was published by General Society of Mayflower Descendants in 2001.

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The Cromartie Legacy

For those of you interested in Cromartie family genealogy, I published a book entitled The Cromartie Legacy in 2001. It is out of print but is available free in digital form on line. It can be found on my website under the tab entitled The Author.

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Cromartie Reunion

The Cromartie Reunion in Bladen County, North Carolina for 2018 has been cancelled due to the hurricane that hit the state.

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Mary Cromartie

I just received a query regarding Mary Cromartie (daughter of William Cromartie and Ruhamah Doane) and Archibald McNabb. Mary was born in Bladen County, NC on April 7, 1778 and died in Tattnall County, Georgia in March 1860. Archibald McNabb was born in NC about 1770 and died in Tattnall County, Georgia prior to February 27, 1858. They had six children: Daniel McNabb, John McNabb, Hannah McNabb, James Glenn McNabb, Amy McNabb, and Mary McNabb. James Glen McNabb was born in North Carolina on June 17, 1802 and died in Putnam County, Florida on December 5, 1868. I am attaching three documents concerning Mary and Archibald McNabb. First is photo of the Cromartie Family Monument that lists Mary as born in 1778. Second is a page from the William Cromartie Bible which does not list Mary. third is the US Federal Census Mortality Schedules 1850-1885 listing Mary McNabb age 85 at time of her death in March of the year ending in June of 1860 with birth in North Carolina.

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The Centenarian

My mother, May Hunter (Cookie) Cromartie celebrated her one hundredth birthday on Nov 17. She is the first centenarian recorded in my family to my knowledge. Does any one else know of other Cromarties to reach 100?

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Clan Urquhart

The Cromartie family is a sept of Clan Urquhart. The chief of that clan is Colonel Wilkins Fisk Urquhart, an American who was born in New Orleans. He holds a degree in International Studies from the US Air Force Academy and a masters degree in Management from Webster University. After twenty-eight years in the Air Force, he retired as a colonel. More information about the clan is available at its web site.

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Cromartie Reunion

The Cromartie Reunion will begin on Saturday Oct 7 at 1:00 with a driving tour of Cromartie Heritage Sites near Elizabethtown, NC. Participants will meet in the Bladen County Public Library parking lot. For details contact Amanda Gilbert at or 936 671 9680.
That night at 6:00 there will be a Gathering and Dinner at the Elizabethtown Inn. To RSVP contact Fred Butler at or by telephone at 910 617 2048.
The Reunion itself will begin Sunday October 8 at 11:00 followed by lunch at South River Presbyterian Church, Highway 210, Harrells, NC. RSVP to Ann Butler at or 910 617 0199.

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William James Cromartie’s letter about William Cromartie

Following is a letter written by my great grandfather William James Cromartie about his grandfather William Cromartie. It was reproduced from a pamphlet entitled The William Cromartie Family that the McCulloch Press published in August 1946.

Garland, N.C.
July 13, 1894

Dear Sir:

Your letter has been received and I am glad to see someone interested in the history of our family, wish I knew more of our ancestors.
To begin with, Grandfather (William C.) was born in Scotland May 1, 1731. Tradition says that he was entitled to an earldom but had to leave the country at the time of the downfall of the “Stuart House.” He then went to sea and followed that life for several years. Then comes his voyage to this country and romantic marriage. The captain of the ship he came over in was much in love with a beautiful young lady who did not return his affection, some way the captain got her on board his ship, probably to look over it, and set sail, then would have forced her to marry him but our grandfather took her part and of course married her afterwards. They finally settled here on South River and had one son, William, Jr.; born to them September 10, 1765, who served in the Revolutionary War. (It must have been the latter part of the war.) His first wife lived only a short time. On April 22, 1766, he married Miss Ruhamah Doane, an English lady then living in Boston. To them were born 12 children, four boys and eight girls. The boys settled here within a few miles of each other⎯the girls married and some moved to other states. William Cromartie, Sr. died Sept. 21, 1807. His last wife (Our grandmother) was born October 31, 1745 and died Dec. 26, 1813. All of the above dates are taken from the records of William Cromartie Sr.’s Bible, which I have in my possession. The present generation your wife I suppose knows as much about as any of us. They are scattered all over the United States.
Jules Vernes in his “Tour of the World in Eighty Days” speaks of Brigadier-General Cromartie of the Army of India. Probably you could get some interesting facts by reading Hugh Miller’s “Scenes and Legends of Cromarty,” written in 1885, it is said that Hugh Miller’s father was a Cromartie.
Grandfather founded South River Presbyterian Church and was a zealous Presbyterian. He was not a hunter although this country was full of wild animals he was not known to shoot but one deer and that was in his field.
The Cromarties have made good citizens and have done their share towards increasing the population of this country.
Now, I hope these notes will be a benefit to you in your undertaking, and I will speak for several copies of the History.
Wishing you much success in this work, I am.
W. J. Cromartie

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William Cromartie Cemetery

Tonya Cromartie, David Cromartie, Sam Cromartie, and Kimberly Cromartie Horwedel at the William Cromartie Cemetery in Bladen County, North Carolina

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