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The Trinity Nuclear Test

Nine days ago, the world celebrated the seventy-first anniversary of the first explosion of an atomic bomb. This plutonium device was the product of years of research by the scientists recruited into the Manhattan Project. They gave the test the … Continue reading

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Ebola outbreak in Uganda 2012

The Ebola outbreak in Uganda has reached 38 cases with 16 deaths since July 1. All the patients came from a rural region west of Kampala. Laboratory tests reveal the virus to be the Sudan strain of Ebola which carries … Continue reading

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Plague is a disease found mainly in rats, ground squirrels, and prairie dogs caused by a Gram-negative bacillus. It is normally transmitted by a fleabite except in its respiratory form when it passes from human to human by respiratory droplets. … Continue reading

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Pakistani nuclear weapons

Aljazeera reports that Taliban fighters overtook a naval base in Karachi, Pakistan yesterday. Although the Pakistani forces recaptured the base after seventeen hours, this incident draws attention to the potential vulnerability of that countries nuclear weapons. Even if the weapons … Continue reading

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Anthrax as a biological weapon

Anthrax makes an effective biological weapon because Bacillus anthracis forms spores that can survive for decades and which are highly resistant to antibiotics, certain forms of radiation, and extremes of temperature. These spores can be delivered in an aerosol and … Continue reading

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Introduction to High Tech Terror

One of the perplexing problems faced by first line defenders against a bioterrorist attack is the incubation period between exposure and manifestation of symptoms.  Thus victims exposed to an organism at one locality may move to another area, even another … Continue reading

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